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Western Reining Clinic

Pony Club Camp

Braiding Lecture

Dedicated members and volunteers toughing it out in the rain.

Mom and volunteer Tina helping out with the beginner lessons.

Fund Raisers

Bottle Drive

Canteen at the Horse Expo in Truro

Regional Quiz

D Team came 6th with Porter coming 5th overall, and C Team came 4th with Haylee coming 6th overall.



Tailgate lecture to take advantage of the sunshine!

Pony Club Camp

Relaxing after a hard days work!

Sarah showing up right after work. That's dedication!

Google getting a much deserved scratch.

Regional Quiz

First Place C Team

Fourth Place D Team


Christmas Party


Showmanship lecture. Back: Joecy, Rebecca, Tina. Front: Thane, Stacey, Emily.

Regional Quiz

Left to right: Brooke, Michael, Thane, Rebecca, and Stacey

Regional PPG

Opportunity placed 3rd at the B Level. Left to right: Val, Bella, Brooke, Stacey, Alexa, and Julia

D Challenge

Opportunity placed 1st at D Challenge at CNHP. Left to right: Thane, Brooke, Stacey, Bella, and Alexa.

National Events

Joecy, Michael, and Rebecca attended National Quiz in Calgary.

The A/B team placed 6th overall.

Michael placed 2nd individually at the C level.

Michael also placed 1st in the North American Challenge.

The teams had a chance to visit Spruce Meadows.

Jumping the devil's dyke.


Pony Club Camp

Campers returing from a trail ride. From the left: Thane and Peppy, Alexa and Little Holly, Diana, Brooke and Google, Stacey and Fred, Joecy and Ophelia, Michael and Daisy, and Rebecca and Big Holly


Trailering Lecture at Joecy and Darlene's

Joecy and Stacey working on their barn architrcture badge.

National Events

Joecy and Michael attended National Quiz in Manitoba.

Michael finished second overall in the C division.

Joecy attended National Rally in WOR finishing 3rd individually. Team NS finished 2nd overall.

Joecy and Delaney 


National Events

Melissa and Emily attended National Quiz in BC. NS's C team finished 11th.

Working on a station.

Regional PPG

Second Place Overall!! From the left: Stacey on Fred, Mya on Indie, Julia, Alexa, Rebecca on Shiloh, Katie, and Kaily on Holly.

Alexa and Holly pole bending.

Hand-off between Kaily and Alexa

Mya on Indie placing her flag.

Stacey and Fred doing stepping stones

Pony Club Camp

Back left to right: Mya, Alexa, Thane F., Thane M., Julia, Hayleigh, Rebecca D-L., Michael, Katie. Front right to left: Josiane, Carson, Melissa, Joecy, Hannah, Stacey, Lane, and Tatum.


Opportunity/Annapolis scramble came 1st at the Quiz in Evangeline. From the left: Melissa, Michael, Emily, and Hannah.


Pony Club Camp

Lesson debreif with Suzanne.

Abbie and Emma unloading the hay.

Alexa and Stacey riding in one of their first group lessons.

Bandaging lecture with Megan White.

Rebecca Y. in a lunging lesson.

Emily riding x-country.

Hayleigh riding x-country.

Abbie in a jumping lesson.

Julia in a jumping lesson.

Pool noodle jousting!

Josiane and Katie on a trail ride.

Emma in a jumping lesson.


National Events

Julia attended National Show Jumping in BCLM and finished 4th overall. 

Julia and her mount Comanche.

Julia attended National Rally in SLOV. Team NS came 4th overall and 3rd in Stable Management.

Pony Club Camp


National Events

Julia attended National Rally in BCLM. Team NS finished 10th overall, and 6th in Stable Management. From the left: Trevor, Julia, Rachael, and Erin

Team NS's hard at work.



Badge Work Welding and Painting