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Membership Information

Welcome to Opportunity Pony Club! We would love to have you as a member of our club :)

Membership Forms can be found on the Canadian Pony Club Website at http://www.canadianponyclub.org/resources.php?page=downloads&topic=membership.

Information for new members to pony club can be found at http://www.canadianponyclub.org/new-member-info.php?page=welcome-to-cpc.

OPC Library

Our pony club has a number of books that are available to members to borrow as study aids or just for pleasure reading. Resources in our library include:

General Information

  • Canadian Pony Club 75 years
  • British Manuel of Horsemanship (3)
  • USPC D Manuel (2)
  • USPC C Manuel (2)
  • Lyons On Horses
  • The Horsemaster's Notebook 
  • The Canadian Pony Club: History
  • Humane Horse Care: For Equine Wellness
  • Threshold Guide: Safety
  • Horsemanship in Pictures
  • Totally Crazy for Horses

Vet & Frist Aid

  • Vet Notes for Horse Owners
  • The Lame Horse
  • All About Laminitis
  • Vetting the Horse
  • Your Horse's Teeth
  • Threshold Guide: First Aid
  • Threshold Guide: Functional Anatomy
  • The Injury Free Horse
  • Book of Horses: A Complete Medical Reference Guide for Horses and Foals
  • Know Your Horse: A Guide to Selection and Care in Health and Disease


  • USPC Bandaging
  • Boots, Bandages, and Studs
  • Threshold Guide: Boots and Bandages


  • Saddlery: The Complete Guide
  • Care and Repair of Saddlery
  • Threshold Guide: Mouth and Bits
  • Bits and Bitting


  • Threshold Guide: Conformation
  • USPC Conformation, Movement, & Soundness

Riding & Training

  • USPC Lunging and Ground Training
  • All About Lunging
  • Threshold Guide: Poles and Grids
  • The Performance Mare
  • Winning: A Training and Showing Guide for Hunter Seat Riders
  • 101 Dressage Exercises
  • 101 Jumping Exercises
  • Dressage: A Study of the Finer Points of Riding

Foot & Shoeing

  • Your Horse's Feet
  • Threshold Guide: Feet and Shoes
  • Maximum Hoof Power
  • The Foot and Shoeing


  • Clipping
  • All about Rugs
  • All About Manes and Tails
  • Grooming to Win
  • Threshold Guide: Manes and Tails

Stable & Pasture

  • Field Management for Horses and Ponies
  • All About Beds and Bedding
  • All About Poisonous Plants


  • Every Time Every Ride
  • Do More with your Horse Naturally
  • John Lyons Round Pen Reasoning